Caring flowers

Keeping your bouquet looking beautiful for longer is easy, with simple care tips. Our six care tips will help you enjoy your bouquet to the fullest!

#1 Protect the flowers well

Wrap the bouquet carefully. This will prevent damage to the flowers. It also protects the flowers from heat and cold. Did you order the bouquet on Don't worry, our professional florists always provide the right packaging and protection.

#2 Chopping, trimming or cutting?

Look after your bouquet with love. Do not chop off the stems, but cut them diagonally with a clean knife or flower scissors. By cutting the flower stems at an angle, you ensure that they can absorb enough water.

We also advise you to cut the flowers at an angle even if the florist has already done this in the shop. On the way home, the stems can dry out again, which means that the flowers absorb less water.

Tip: cut off a piece of the stem every three to four days. This way, the bouquet will last longer, and you will be able to enjoy it even longer. Also clean the vase immediately and add a new bag of cut flower food. Ask the florist for an extra bag of food.

Tip: Are the roses 'hanging' after just a few days? Then they are not getting enough water. Cut the stem at an angle, so they can absorb enough water. Your roses will soon bloom beautifully again.

#3 Watch the leaves!

Remove all leaves that are submerged under the water. Leaves that are submerged can rot. Flowers don't like the bacteria that get into the water, so avoid leaves in the water!

#4 A suitable and clean vase

Make sure the new bouquet gets off to a good start. A clean vase will prevent bacteria from reaching the flowers. Your bouquet also likes to have enough space. So don't stuff the stems into the vase, but make sure you have a suitable vase that is big enough with enough room for the stems.

Tip: Preferably choose a glass vase. Bacteria have less chance to attach themselves to it.

#5 Quickly into the water

When the bouquet is delivered, it is important to put the flowers in a vase as soon as possible. It is best to do this with cold tap water and the right amount of cut flower food. Fleurop bouquets always include a small bag of cut flower food. Always add it and check the packaging for the correct ratio. Now it's time to enjoy the beautiful bouquet.

Tip: Use the cut flower food supplied or ask the florist for it. The food will keep the bouquet beautiful for up to 60% longer! 

#6 Pick a good spot

Pick a nice spot for the bouquet. But make sure you avoid the following locations. Flowers do not like being in a draught or near the heating. Next to the fruit bowl is not a good place for flowers either. Fruit produces ethylene gas, which causes flowers to age rapidly.

Enjoy your flowers!

Order your bouquet

With our care tips you will enjoy our flowers even longer. Now you only have to choose a nice bouquet yourself. Good luck!