Caring for flowers

You can help make sure that your bouquet lasts as long as possible, by following these easy flower care tips.

Protect the bouquet during transport

Bouquets must be carefully packaged to prevent them from being damaged and to protect them from the heat or cold. If you order a bouquet from Fleurop, you will have nothing to worry about. Our Fleurop florists always package every bouquet properly.

No leaves in the water

Remove any and all leaves that are going to touch the water in the vase. Any leaves that end up in the water can start to rot and release bacteria into the water, which are bad for the flowers.

Put the bouquet in a vase as soon as possible

Once your bouquet has been delivered (or you have come home from the florist), make sure to put it in a vase as soon as possible. Use lukewarm (not too hot, not too cold) tap water to fill the vase and add the right amount of plant food (your bouquet will come with plant food; check the packaging to find the right ratio).