About us

Making people feel good; that has been our passion for over 100 years. How can this be better than with flowers?

Brand values

Making people feel good; that has been our passion for over 95 years. In 1921, Fleurop was established in the Netherlands and has been dedicated to delivering flowers throughout the country since then, and worldwide as well as of 1946. This was the start of the current network of local specialised florists throughout the Netherlands. Our worldwide network even consists of approximately 40,000 florists.

The basis of the success and strengths of the Fleurop brand values: reliability, craftsmanship, attention and empathy & sustainable florists.


As a customer you want certainty about the bouquet: how it looks, freshness and delivery at the desired time. We do everything we can to guarantee reliability. That is why we only work with the best florists, who are supported by an alert and expert organization.


Fleurop florists are skilled and proud professionals. They know everything about flowers; respond to new trends and developments and can make a great bouquet that perfectly suits the occasion and the customer. That is why we call them life artists: because they can translate our customer's emotion into a bouquet that you, as it were, embrace.

Local professional florists arrange each Fleurop bouquet with love and care.

Attention and empathy

Through Fleurop you can surprise a family member, friend, beloved or colleague by sending a beautifully packaged bouquet with a meaningful message, even though you're not near to that person at that time. You show that you are thinking of that person, that you have their interest at heart. This is greatly appreciated by the receiver. The old slogan 'Say it with flowers' has lost its value.

The history of Fleurop

  • 1908: The idea for Fleurop's flower delivery service is conceived in Germany.
  • 1921: Fleurop Interflora Nederland is established
  • 1927: Fleurop is introduced in three more European countries: Belgium, Austria and Switzerland
  • 1946: Fleurop goes worldwide and enters into collaborations with the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the US and Japan.
  • 1980: The first brick is laid for our current Fleurop Interflora Nederland headquarters in Veenendaal.
  • 1981: Our new office in Veenendaal is officially opened by princess Margriet.
  • 1995: Thanks to a test case from KPN, Fleurop became the first official web store in the Netherlands by allowing bouquets to be delivered online.
  • 2016: We celebrated the 95th anniversey of the cooperative.

Our method

Fleurop has been around for almost a century, but what makes it so good that we have been able to provide a good feeling for so long? How does this work in our work that we can deliver flowers worldwide? Our values are of great importance in this. More about: our method

Order business flowers

An employee who has a birthday, a new collaboration or something to do with a customer? You can send a bunch of flowers for every occasion. For business flowers order you can contact: [email protected] Do you want more information? Then go to: Fleurop Business. 

Sustainable florists

The number of sustainable florists of Fleurop is growing. These florists are actively working on sustainability, which is very important for the sector. To become a sustainable florist, the florists must meet a number of different requirements. 

Fleurop headquarters

Fleurop Interflora Nederland bv

De Schutterij 1
3905 PJ Veenendaal

+ 31 900 - 15 01
[email protected]

Chamber of Commerce: 30180920

VAT-number: NL810991718B01

Across borders

New York, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Hong Kong... These are all world cities. What else do they have in common? That you can spot our Mercury man there without any problem. The man in our logo is owned by the Americans, but is used in over 140 countries around the world.

The name Fleurop is only used in five countries. In America the call it FTD and in the rest of the world it is called Interflora. Despite calling it by different names, the recognition is universal. That's because of the consistent use of the corporate identity. It is not only the Mercury man that is characteristic. Use of colour also plays a role. The logo, for example, is always gold-coloured with a black background.