The colour of flowers

The saying: "Say it with flowers", exists for a reason! Flowers convey a message. The colour of flowers also has a meaning. See what each colour means. Useful info for when you give a bouquet as a present!

White flowers

As you might expect, white flowers stand for purity, cleanliness, freshness, clarity and simplicity. Other meanings are innocence, virginity, perfection, natural love and piety. Suitable for: weddings and funerals.

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers stand for energy, power, growth, cheerfulness and joy. Yellow also stands for warmth, sun and a new beginning. They also fit well with the start of spring. Suitable for: birthday and congratulations.

Orange flowers

Orange flowers symbolise cheerfulness, warmth, sociability, optimism, fun, strength, vitality and energy. This colour is suitable for a birthday and congratulations.

Red flowers

Red flowers are naturally associated with passion, seduction, romance and tenderness. It is therefore a very suitable flower colour to give as a present to a loved one. Suitable for: romance.

Pink flowers

Pink flowers stand for innocence, just like white. This colour also stands for romance and tenderness. With this colour you really say: "I find you sweet and loving" or "I love you". A pink bouquet is suitable for Mother's Day and for the birth of a girl.

Purple flowers

Purple flowers are mainly used for mourning, but also stand for dignity and seriousness. For example, suitable for: funeral or condolence bouquet.

Blue flowers

Blue flowers symbolise divinity and eternity, but also (again) innocence. Blue flowers can be given for example at the birth of a boy.

Green flowers

Green flowers symbolize young life and fertility. In addition, these flowers also stand for peace, prosperity and hope. For example, suitable for the birth of a child.

The meaning of flowers

Say it with flowers! But what does each flower mean?