Our method

Fleurop has been feeling good for almost a century. Thanks to a large-scale network of professional florists, both at home and abroad. On the same day! But how?


Ordered before 2pm today, is also delivered today. Thanks to our worldwide network, we can also deliver flowers today.We have been able to automate this a lot, but as soon as an order has a small feature, we take it out.


Transparency and honesty have our priority. Of course you are used to get a discount at any store, in the shopping street or on the web. Yet you will not find discounts, for example, at Fleurop. If you want to convey your feeling well, quality and service are important. We want you to get the best and that simply can not be done with, for example, a discount.

Your local florist wants to be able to deliver his bouquets to you next year and you do not want him to fumble in the quality of your bouquet to be able to process the discount or lower price. That is why you get fair prices for everyone at Fleurop and therefore only quality. In addition... how would you like it if you received a beautiful bouquet from your loved one with warm words, but did you find out that it was bought at a discount? You do not give your love with a discount?