Our method

For a century Fleurop has been delivering good feelings. Thanks to a large network of skilled florists, both at home and abroad. On the same day! How is this possible?

Quality above all

If you want someone to deliver a bouquet, there is always a reason. In almost all cases, that reason is emotional. You are happy because someone has helped you, you want to express your love to the person who has captured your heart, you just want to express your appreciation... You always want to convey a certain feeling, and flowers are the best way to do this. Then the quality has to be good. You want the bouquet to last, to evoke an emotion in the recipient and to convey your feelings. That's what we do at Fleurop every day. Everything has to be right, and quality above all.


Time. A flexible concept, but not if you want to convey your feelings. You want that now, because you're in the flow. That means speed! No problem at Fleurop. If you order today before 14:00, it is delivered today! Even worldwide, you can often have your flowers delivered on the same day. We are geared up for that, and we call that service.

Working together

Fleurop is a cooperative. That stands for 'working together'. We can only provide the desired service and quality thanks to the network of florists that are affiliated with us. And therefore cooperation is very important. When a florist wants to join Fleurop, they must meet a number of conditions. Thus, the florist must have a professional diploma, and it is a requirement that the flowers are purchased fresh daily. Fleurop reciprocally then ensures that you always receive a fresh bouquet of flowers from your local skilled florist. This way, Fleurop can guarantee that your bouquet will certainly be beautiful for (at least) 7 days! Also, we have been doing 'same-day-delivery' since 1921.


Transparency and honesty are high priorities for Fleurop. We therefore work with fair prices for both the florist and the consumer. In this way we ensure that you can convey a good feeling with a beautiful bouquet.