Mourning flowers and character

Say goodbye. Whatever the circumstances are, it is heavy and often incomprehensible. Here you will find more information about the characters and styles of our mourning flowers

A farewell 'just like you were'

On this page we give useful tips for choosing mourning flowers. Mourning flowers are a traditional way to pay tribute to the deceased, however some people hesitate to send flowers to a funeral because they are unsure of the proper etiquette.
Fleurop has put together a range of mourning flowers with her florists. We have divided our assortment according to characters. In addition to the characters, you can also choose the style that suits the deceased.

Funeral flowers

Say goodbye. Whatever the circumstances, it is heavy and often incomprehensible. How do you say goodbye to somebody, when you do not want that at all? We understand what such a moment means and would like to help to give the best possible farewell. By making it personal. A farewell that really suits someone.

We made a carefully selected range of funeral flowers. The assortment of our funeral flowers includes wreaths, posies, casket tribute and sprays. If you want, we can customize the funeral flowers. 

If you are outside the country, we can still deliver funeral flowers in the Netherlands for you. Or, if you're sending flowers overseas, we can deliver the flowers over 140 countries. Check our international flower deliver section. 

Flowers for funerals

We deliver the funeral bouquet to a location of your choice (including a church or funeral location). You do not have to pick up the funeral flowers yourself from the florist. Our florists ensure that the flowers are delivered at the right time and at their best.

During the ordering process we do need some extra information. So keep the following information when ordering.

- Name delivery location
- Name of the deceased
- Funeral date and time
- Postal code and number of delivery location

We understand that at this sad time. you need to find the perfect sentiment with ease. If you have any questions about any of our funeral tributes, please call us: +31 900- 1501 (no additional costs).