Peruvian lily

Everything about the Peruvian lily: its origins, symbolism, and care needs. A bright, voluminous flower that lasts a long time!

Characteristics of the Peruvian lily

The Peruvian lily is part of the Alstroemeriaceae family. It can be identified by its twisted leaves and brightly coloured flowers. The Peruvian lily comes in many different colours and are cultivated and thus available year-round. On top of that, the Peruvian lily is a strong flower that lasts for a long time. It may be small when the flowers are still in bud, but once it blooms it is very exuberant. The dark stripes inside the flower make it look exotic.

The symbolic meaning of each petal

Every petal has its own meaning: compassion, patience, understanding, humour, decisiveness and respect. Together, all of these symbolise long-term friendship. As such, this is an excellent flower to give to a good friend. Each colour of Peruvian lily also has its own meaning.

The origins of the Peruvian lily

The Peruvian lily is also known as lily of the Incas, due to its origins in the mountains of Chile, Brazil and Peru. It was discovered there in the 18th century by Clas Alstroemer, a Swedish explorer. Alstroemer brought the flower back to Europe, where the Belgian and Dutch varieties were cultivated to become stronger and more colourful. Lots of different colours are available nowadays.