All you need to know about the gerbera, from its origins to its care instructions. Did you know that the gerbera is a scentless flower and has no symbolic meaning?

Gerberas look good in almost all bouquets, and bouquets featuring only gerberas are also very beautiful and popular!


Did you know…?

  • That gerberas don’t have a scent? If you suffer from hay fever, gerberas might be the perfect flower for you.
  • That the gerbera does not have a symbolic meaning?
  • That white gerberas were used in the wedding of king Willem Alexander and queen Máxima?


The gerbera’s origins lie in South Africa, Asia and Tasmania. In 1737, Gronovius, a botanist from Leiden, discovered a gerbera plant.
He worked with German physician Traugott Gerber, which is obviously where the name ‘gerbera’ derives from. In 1878, the gerbera was introduced in the United Kingdom, where it was cultivated and refined. This refinement process gradually moved to the French Riviera over the years. Nowadays, the Netherlands is one of the most important countries when it comes to gerbera cultivation. 

A lot of gerberas are exported from the Netherlands. Gerberas have been grown in the Netherlands as of 1949/1950. Gerberas have become an increasingly strong species throughout the years. These days they also come in more and more sizes, in long-stemmed varieties and various colours. Particularly spectacular gerberas are those with a colour gradient.

Care instructions Gerberas

Gerberas require the same kind of care as most other flowers.